AICTE Free Laptop Scheme 2024: Objectives, Eligibility Criteria, Online Application & Status


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AICTE Free Laptop Scheme 2024: Friends, it’s important to clarify that no scheme like AICTE Free Laptop Scheme is being implemented. AICTE has debunked these rumors on its official website, cautioning students against believing such news.

AICTE urges students to refer to their official website or contact authorities for any information regarding such schemes.

AICTE Free Laptop Scheme 2024 Overview

SchemeAICTE Free Laptop Yojana 2024
ObjectiveProviding free laptops to UG/PG students
BenefitsAssistance in technical education through free laptops
AICTE’s statementNo such scheme initiated by AICTE

Eligibility Criteria for AICTE Free Laptop Scheme 2024

  • Only Indian citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be regular students in technical courses.
  • Applicants must be enrolled in recognized colleges/universities.
  • Applicants should not be pursuing distance or correspondence learning.
  • Applicants must be registered for graduate or postgraduate degree courses.
  • Family income of applicants should not exceed ₹300,000 annually.
  • Essential documents such as Aadhar card, college ID, residence proof, academic qualifications, disability certificate (if applicable), family income proof, caste certificate, valid mobile number, email ID, and passport size photo are required.

Benefits of AICTE Free Laptop Scheme

  • All registered students in AICTE-affiliated colleges receive free laptops.
  • Economically weaker students can access free laptops for technical education.
  • The scheme aims to integrate colleges and universities nationwide with technical education.
  • Students are encouraged to choose engineering and practical subjects under this scheme.
  • Access to all online course materials is provided, enhancing educational opportunities.
  • Students can acquire knowledge beyond textbooks using laptops and the internet from home.

AICTE Free Laptop Scheme CSR Fund

AICTE utilizes CSR funds to distribute laptops to all students. Various industries and communities are invited to invest in this scheme to gather funds. Large technical firms and communities are encouraged to invest, ensuring the distribution of free laptops to needy students.

AICTE Free Laptop Scheme
AICTE Free Laptop Scheme

This scheme, also known as the “1 Student 1 Laptop” initiative, aims to integrate students technologically, enhancing their technical education. It is hoped that students will be motivated to pursue admissions in technical fields, leading to better development in the country’s technical and technological education sector.

AICTE Free Laptop Scheme: AI/Cloud/Coding

As technology evolves, so do the fields of study. Besides traditional engineering, students are now being taught various subjects like computer science, artificial intelligence, cloud learning, and coding. For any student interested in technical fields, having their own laptop is essential.

Recognizing this, AICTE has decided to provide free laptops to students registered under AICTE colleges. This initiative aims to empower students to study subjects like artificial intelligence, cloud learning, and coding using these laptops. By doing so, students can become stronger engineers and better research experts in the future.

AICTE Free Laptop Scheme Application Process

To apply for the free laptop scheme under the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), students need to complete the registration process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

image 2
AICTE Free Laptop Scheme 2024: Objectives, Eligibility Criteria, Online Application & Status 3
  1. Visit AICTE’s Official Website: Go to AICTE’s official website.
  2. Click on the Free Laptop Scheme Option: On the homepage, click on the option for the free laptop scheme.
  3. New Registration: After clicking on the option, students will see the option for new registration.
  4. Fill in Details: Students need to fill in their complete details, including name, date of birth, address, educational qualifications, etc.
  5. Verify Mobile Number: Students need to enter their mobile number and complete the OTP verification process.
  6. Login Credentials: After verification, students will receive login credentials.
  7. Login and Apply: Using the login credentials, students can now log in and apply for the scheme.

Checking Status of AICTE Free Laptop Scheme

Once students apply for the AICTE free laptop scheme, they can check their application status and beneficiary status by following these steps:

  1. Visit AICTE’s Official Website: Go to the official website of AICTE.
  2. Click on the Free Laptop Scheme Option: On the homepage, click on the free laptop scheme option.
  3. Check Status: Under the main laptop scheme option, click on the status of the free laptop scheme.
  4. Enter Details: Enter the registration number and mobile number.
  5. View Status: By clicking on the view status option, students can see the status of their application.

Selection Process for AICTE Free Laptop Scheme

After accepting applications, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) conducts a thorough review of all applications and accompanying documents. Based on priority criteria, including students’ financial status, educational qualifications, and disability status, beneficiaries are selected. Selected students receive free laptops distributed by AICTE.


while there are claims circulating about the AICTE free laptop scheme, there has been no official announcement from AICTE. However, such a scheme could greatly benefit the nation by encouraging technical education and digital literacy. If such a scheme is implemented in the future, AICTE will provide information on its official website, and we will update you with all the details.


Is the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana 2024 officially confirmed?

The scheme is yet to be officially announced by AICTE.

Who will be eligible for the free laptops?

Eligibility criteria are not yet confirmed, but it might focus on students pursuing technical education from underprivileged backgrounds and with good academic performance.

How can I apply for the AICTE Free Laptop Yojana?

The application process is not available yet. Keep an eye on the official AICTE website for updates.

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